GQ Magazine presents the Indie Wedding Revolution!

DJs on a Dime is always looking to share the latest, unique approaches to weddings and special events so when we read GQ's Indie Wedding Revolution feature in the June 2015 issue, we thought it would be perfect to pass along as we enter "Wedding Season". One thing we don't agree with though: DO GET a VIDEOGRAPHER! It's not about having "artistic" shots of specific events although you are going to want coverage of events like the Grand Entrance, the couple's 1st dance, etc. The reason you should hire a videographer is for the candid, spontaneous things that pop up like you and your sorority sisters singing your school song at the top of your lungs and the best wishes and interviews with your guests. Not to mention capturing special moments with older family members who's time with us might be limited. You're going to want to have your grand parents on video so you can show your possible inevitable children or just to have for yourself so you have their voice and their personality on video - which you can't get with just still photography.  It's just something to consider before you finalize your budget. Disclosure: DJs on a Dime offers wedding and event videography and we know how important it can be for some people, but only you can decide if it's important to you.   Other than that, there's some great ideas and suggestions listed here. Cheers! Enjoy!


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