Tips for Being a Great Song Requester!

Before you head out to this weekend's celebrations, here are some friendly tips for making song requests:dj socks woman

1. Be nice (and relatively sober)! DJs don't generally care for obnoxiously intoxicated people and reserve the right to not take their requests.

2. Best time to approach the DJ is in the MIDDLE of the song not the end, as we're transitioning from one song to another.

3. Knowing the song title and artist BEFORE you approach the DJ is a plus! Yes, we do know a lot of music, but we've had music going through our heads all evening so we might not be able to guess what song you're trying to describe and it costs us time that we need to cue up the next track to keep the dance floor pumpin'.

4. If you request a song, be prepared to dance to it. If you don't dance to your own request why should anyone else?

5. Request something that the majority of the other guests might enjoy as well. Requesting an obscure, eclectic track that clears the dance floor just to impress your date is one of the reasons some DJs don't take requests. 

There you have it! Go forth and be a great song requesting party-goer!

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