Simply type in the artist name and/or song title and hit search. You will be given options to put the song on a "must play" list (green button), a "play if possible" list (yellow button) or a "DO NOT PLAY list" (red button). If you do not find your song after a search, you can input the song and artist by clicking the "Custom Song" button and typing in the song title and artist and then click the "+" to add to your list. If you'd like to add a note of when to play a specific song or for a dedication, click the note pad to the right of the song to add your information.

Lists can be saved and printed and each time a list is created or updated, we receive an alert email to keep us in the loop.  Note: BE SURE TO CLICK "SAVE" OFTEN SO YOU DON'T LOSE ANY INFORMATION.

Have fun creating your list!